Fun places to visit in North Carolina

There are a lot of fun places to visit in North Carolina which is perfect because planning a family vacation is not easy at times. If you have children and you want to bring them here you will have a lot of places to take them such as: North Carolina Zoo, Morehead Planetarium and Science Theater. Before you leave on vacation you should make a plan of the places you want to visit this way you can create a route which will not allow you to get lot.


Here are some fun places to visit in North Carolina:

  • North Carolina Zoo

Because all children like going to the zoo you should take them to the North Carolina Zoo. It is situated in Asheboro in Central North Carolina and it was opened in 1974. It is one of the biggest zoos in the United States because it sits on 1.500 acres of land. Because a lot of children come here the owners have created interactive activities for them, a way they can understand how they can interact with nature. The area where you can take your child is called the Kid zone and it is basically an area where he can see live animal presentations.

  • Gold City Gem Mining

If you come in North Carolina you must see the Gold City Gem Mining because it if fun for both adults and children. The mine is situated in Western North Carolina near the Appalachian Trail, the Gold City Gem Mine near Franklin. Here children can find out what a mind is, what is the process of mining and also the history of this mine. They can also take a stone from the mine and have a custom piece of jewelry made out of it.

  • Morehead Planetarium and Science Theater

It can be interesting to bring your children to the biggest planetarium in USA which is the Morehead Planetarium and Science Theater. It is situated in Chapel Hill near the University of North Carolina campus. Here you can take part to all the educational shows organized by the owners.

These are some of the fun places to visit in North Carolina whit your children. If you want to plan a vacation here you must go to these places because they are the hottest attractions and they are educational. If you take a look on the map you will notice that you can create a route that can take you to these places in the shortest time.